Expansion of our team

In May of this year, two new colleagues joined our team in the Netherlands.

Madeleine McLaggan, previously employed as an attorney with a number of big law firms as well as with several Dutch government agencies, specializes in contract law, international maritime and transportation law and competition law. Within our firm, Madeleine is working as a contract lawyer, focusing on negotiating and drafting international commercial contracts and the legal aspects of performance thereof; part of her work is digging in and solving international legal complexities.

Sylwia Pietrzak, studied and graduated in both Poland and the Netherlands, attorney in Poland, is working within our firm as an international business lawyer. Sylwia specializes in GDPR, eCommerce and intellectual property. Together with one of our Russian colleagues, Sylwia focuses on international assignments / postings and legal matters in relation to doing business in the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe.

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