Roparunning for a cause

Our general manager will be participating as a runner in the Roparun, from Paris to Rotterdam from May 19-21, 2018; Roparun is a charity event and is organized for a cause, to generate money to enable cancer patients enjoying a better life for as long as possible.

After many months of exercise and preparation, 8 runners in relay and a substantial number of indispensable team members traveling along, 520 kilometers of asphalt and other types of roads will be squashed within 48 hours.

Goal of all Roparun participants is to generate as much donations as possible, to support aforesaid cause.

Hans van Velzen is part of TeamOrga; you can follow them in their efforts on, on Facebook (, on Instagram ( and on YouTube. Van Velzen C.S. is sponsor of TeamOrga. If you are enthusiastic about this initiative and would like to co-sponsor, please visit; donations can be made for Hans or for TeamOrga as a whole (TeamOrga is team 102).

Any amount, large or small is important; many small contributions make a big difference for the ones who can’t do what we can.

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