We design your legal structure and solution, and arrange for your legal needs, globally.
That's what we call International Legal Architecture & Consulting.

Serving clients in over 50 jurisdictions for over a quarter of a century

Van Velzen C.S. is an international legal service provider with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, operating for and with its clients worldwide. Since establishment in 1990, services offered by Van Velzen C.S. developed into a broad range of legal services regarding international expansion of businesses, global mobility and drafting of and advising on various (international) business contracts and matters.

We facilitate clients' international expansion and mobility. We design clients' legal structures and arrange for legal needs, globally. For our clients, we work with lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and governments, worldwide.

Van Velzen C.S. directs international legal projects and procedures based on the C3 principle - Communication, Coordination and Centralization - thereby eliminating communication layers and minimizing the risks of delay and miscommunication.

Emphasis of legal services: 

Corporate cross-border company structures; red tape jungle around structuring, set up and maintenance of (subsidiary) companies worldwide
Business distribution, agency, supply and licensing relationships and agreements worldwide
Global Mobility business related migration and secondment (i.e. work permit and visa applications, social security) matters worldwide

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Van Velzen C.S. serves its clients on five continents in over 50 jurisdictions.

Van Velzen C.S. operates the Yours Globally protocol.

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