Emphasis of services is on:

Corporate international corporate structures, set up of subsidiary companies abroad

Services are related to the mere formal and legal aspects of international business set up. Van Velzen C.S. coordinates, directs and manages the actual set up of the new business from a legal point of view; the firm designs the international legal structure as well as intra-corporate relationships and executes the process leading towards commencement of activities of the new company abroad.

Client X wants to set up an import- and distribution company in the United Arab Emirates.
Client Y wants to set up their own service entity in Taiwan.

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Business design and contractual constitution of international business relationships

Services are emphasized to advising clients on implications of cross-border transactions, as well as on the legal design of international business and trade relationships and the contracting thereof.

Client X wants to exclusively contract a distributor for Australia.
Client Y wants to grant a production license to a Brazilian manufacturer.

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Global Mobility business related migration and secondment matters worldwide

Services are related to advising and assisting clients on matters related to employment and residence abroad, i.e. visa, work and residence permit applications and cross-border social security matters.

A service team of Client X needs to perform services on-site with a Chinese customer on an intermittent basis.
A regional manager of Client Y is expatriated to the USA for three years, his family will join.

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