UBO-register in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU

End of September, 2020, the so-called UBO-register (re. Item 7 before) will be put into force in the Netherlands; a similar register has been in existence in Belgium for almost 2 years already. Said register will contain information about the ultimate owners (UBO’s) of all types of organizations; part of the information (that is: first and last name, birth date and year, nationality, country of residence and the percentage of ownership in the organization involved) will be publicly available. Another part will only be available for competent Dutch authorities, amongst which the national tax authority, the public prosecutor’s office and the national police.

The UBO register will be in operation as of this 27th of September; organizations who mandatorily need to report information to the register, will be invited to do so by the Dutch Chambers of Commerce.

In other European countries similar registers are or will be kept.

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